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To celebrate the launch of this website, all six ebooks in my Matchmaking for Wallflowers series are available for only $9.99 for a limited time. This offer can only be found on my author website and costs over 2x that on retailers. Enjoy the series that over 300,000 people have downloaded.

Six novels for only $9.99. Dashing dukes, feisty bluestockings, and sumptuous settings.


  • This series is one of the best I have read. Could not stop reading them until I read all the books!!!

  • Wow!! Not to often do I pick up a book and don't want to put it down until it's finished. How to Capture a Duke by Bianca Blythe was one of those books. It grabs your attention right from the start and holds it throughout the book.

  • I have become addicted to her books. They are entertaining, surprising, romantic and adventurous.

After her dying grandmother worries about her future, a bluestocking kidnaps a duke to present to her grandmother as her fiancé .

Cordelia despises the Marquess of Rockport, but when she calls on his house to warn him, he thinks she has accepted his earlier marriage proposal. Next thing she knows, he's introducing her to his entire family.

When her mother insists Louisa marries a man she doesn't love, Louisa decides to flee to her brother in the Caribbean. After all, this bluestocking will simply be disguised as a male scientist! If only the sea captain weren't quite so handsome...

Secret authoress Veronique has written to the man she loves for years. If only she'd actually met him! Luckily, she is in Scotland and has arranged to elope with her mysterious baron. Unfortunately, her maid ushers the wrong baron to the church, and the wedding guests enter just as she kisses him. Veronique is compromised, but she insists on marrying her true love. Can the other baron help her find him?

Newly widowed Madeline is determined to return some of the art that Bonaparte's army stole. If only the man she once loved were not looking for the art thief.

Celia may be the daughter of an earl, but her mother was the maid. When Celia's half-sister decides to elope with a handsome Frenchman, she insists that Celia, her maid, takes her place at a Christmas house party. After all, they look so similar. Then Celia meets a duke... Enjoy this Cinderella retelling.